Transnet Wage Agreement 2018

Transnet Wage Agreement 2018: What You Need to Know

Transnet, the state-owned South African freight and logistics company, recently announced its wage agreement for 2018. The agreement was reached after a period of intense negotiations between the company and various labor unions.

So, what does the wage agreement entail? Here are some key points to take note of:

1. A 6.5% Salary Increase

The wage agreement sees a 6.5% salary increase for eligible employees. This increase applies to both permanent and temporary employees, as well as pensioners.

2. A One-Time Payment

In addition to the salary increase, eligible employees will also receive a one-time payment of R3,000. This payment will be made to all permanent employees and those temporary employees who have been with the company for more than three months.

3. A R100 Increase in Night Shift Allowance

Employees who work night shifts will also benefit from the wage agreement. The night shift allowance will increase by R100, bringing the total allowance to R450 per night shift.

4. A R15 Increase in Medical Aid Subsidy

The wage agreement also includes a R15 increase in the medical aid subsidy for eligible employees. This brings the subsidy to R1,070 per month for employees with dependents and R535 per month for single employees.

5. A Commitment to Job Security

Finally, the wage agreement includes a commitment to job security for employees. Transnet has committed to avoiding any retrenchments for the duration of the agreement, which is set to last until 2020.

Overall, the wage agreement is seen as a positive development for Transnet employees and the company as a whole. The negotiations were lengthy and at times contentious, but ultimately resulted in a fair agreement for all parties involved.

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