Edidp Consortium Agreement

As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to revolutionize different aspects of modern life, the need for ethical development and deployment of these technologies has become a pressing concern. In response to this need, the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) launched the Ethics and Discourse in Data Protection (EDiDP) Consortium in 2019.

The EDiDP Consortium is a multi-stakeholder initiative comprising of experts from academia, civil society, industry, and government. Its primary objective is to promote responsible data governance and the protection of human rights in the digital age. The consortium engages in collaborative research, education, and advocacy towards advancing data ethics and privacy.

To achieve this objective, the EDiDP Consortium has developed a comprehensive agreement that defines the principles, values, and common practices that its members uphold in the development and deployment of data-driven technologies. The agreement covers six key areas: human rights, data protection, transparency, accountability, social responsibility, and fairness.

The consortium recognizes that data-driven technologies have the potential to transform society positively, but they can also exacerbate existing social and economic inequalities if not developed and deployed ethically. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the development and deployment of these technologies adhere to ethical principles and values that promote human dignity, privacy, and democratic accountability.

The EDiDP Consortium`s agreement recognizes that human rights are central to the development and deployment of data-driven technologies. Therefore, member organizations commit to upholding the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in their work. This includes respecting the right to privacy, non-discrimination, freedom of expression, and access to information.

Moreover, the agreement emphasizes the importance of data protection and the implementation of privacy-by-design principles in the development and deployment of data-driven technologies. This involves identifying and addressing potential privacy risks from the outset of the technology design process to prevent harm to individuals and communities.

Transparency, accountability, and social responsibility are also core values that the EDiDP Consortium promotes. Members commit to providing clear and accessible information about how data is collected, processed, and shared, as well as ensuring that individuals have control over their data. Furthermore, members must be held accountable for any harm caused by their data-driven technologies and be transparent about their decision-making processes.

Finally, the EDiDP Consortium recognizes the importance of fairness in the development and deployment of data-driven technologies. Member organizations must ensure that their technology does not perpetuate existing social and economic inequalities and should identify and address bias in their data sources, algorithms, and decision-making processes.

In conclusion, the EDiDP Consortium agreement is a significant development in promoting responsible data governance and protecting human rights in the digital age. By bringing together stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, the consortium provides a platform for collaborative action towards realizing ethical data governance. The principles and values laid down in the agreement provide a roadmap for companies, policymakers, and civil society organizations to develop and deploy data-driven technologies that promote human dignity and social justice.

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